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            Xin Qi

            A. Xin Qi casting products bending, the product has good tensile, anti - kneading, corrosion resistance.
            B. Xin Qi casting products work fine, strict, all products surface good luminosity

            A. Continuous development of new products, continuous quality assurance, a wide range of sales channels.
            B. The company maintains long-term and relevant scientific research departments of communication, has a higher professional quality of R & D personnel.

            A. The material is easy to choose, the dimension tolerance is accurate , the processing procedure is reduced, and the complex parts are easy to form.
            B. Reduce production costs, design unrestricted , elastic production.

            A.Xin Qi casting industry has a strong sales team.
            B. To provide customers with efficient service , the products sell well at home and abroad market, with a number of well-known enterprises in the world.
            C. Develop new products according to market needs and develop/p>

            美國PERESS  HARDWARE   皮爾斯五金
            美國PERESS HARDWARE 皮爾斯五金


            美國YALE    耶魯鎖具
            美國YALE 耶魯鎖具


            Qinhuangdao Xinqi prescision casting Co.,Ltd

            Qinhuangdao Xinqi prescision casting Co.,Ltd

                Qinhuangdao Xinqi Precision Casting Co.,Ltd is located in a beautiful seaside city - Changli County Qinhuangdao City, is next to the famous scenic…

            About Us
            修補情況及設備分析    鑄工膠水:簡單,粗放的鑄件,一般修補處不需要后續加工,且沒有特殊的強度硬度要求。這類鑄件附加值比較低。    焊補:90%以上的鑄造廠